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How Your Dentist Fits into Your Family's Health Care

November 30, 2017
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You trust your dentist to help you manage your family’s oral health needs, but you may not think of them in regards to your general health.

Let’s take a look at how modern dental diagnostics can help in detecting certain health problems.

Your Dentist’s Role

The truth is that while dentists may not be general practitioners, they are doctors who can have a positive impact on their patient’s overall health.

In recent years, dental technology has advanced rapidly. Technology, combined with an improved understanding of the relationship between dental and oral health, gives your dentist the ability to detect a number of health problems.

Using Dental Technology

Digital radiography (x-rays) and CAD/CAM technology, in particular, have opened up a whole new area of diagnostics for dentists. Since digital x-rays produce high-quality images, they can be used to diagnose everything from dental caries to cancer.

  • Look for abnormalities in the neck and jaw
  • Identify maxillary sinusitis
  • Measure bone density and screen for osteoporosis
  • Detect carotid artery calcification
  • Screen for oral cancer

Dentistry Is Always Evolving

Modern dentistry continuously adapts to new information and technology. There have been tremendous strides recently in our understanding of the connection between oral health and your general well-being.

Dentists now know that everything that happens with your dental health has some impact on your overall health. If you are proactive with your general health but aren’t taking good care of your teeth, your body may suffer the consequences.

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