Tooth Extraction in Cumberland IN

Extraction Patient Cumberland INThe idea of having a tooth extracted can be stressful for anyone. We are sensitive to the fact that you are probably feeling a little overwhelmed just at the thought. But improved dental techniques, combined with Dr. Uhl’s skill and expertise, allow us to perform extractions that are efficient and as stress-free as possible.

Supportive, Compassionate Care

We are committed to helping you stay calm and relaxed, no matter what type of treatment you receive. Many people are anxious about having a tooth removed, and we respect those feelings.

Our team knows that one of the ways we can provide exceptional dental care is by helping you feel informed and confident about the procedure. We will take all the time necessary to answer your questions and explain why it’s necessary to remove your tooth.

Reasons for Tooth Extraction

Our goal is to do everything possible to keep your family’s teeth healthy for a lifetime. We promote preventive dental treatments that protect and preserve your teeth whenever possible. But situations do arise that make it necessary for us to remove your tooth:

  • Severe abscess that cannot be treated with a root canal
  • Cracks or fractures of a tooth below the gumline
  • Alignment issues or in preparation for orthodontic treatment
  • Full or partial denture placement
  • Impacted wisdom teeth

Whatever the reason for extraction, you can be assured that we are here for you every step of the way.

Sedation Options for Your Comfort

If the stress and anxiety of having a tooth removed are simply too overwhelming for you, we can help. Your comfort is our primary concern, and we offer sedation options that will help you stay calm and relaxed throughout the procedure.

Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is a mild type of sedation that works well for many people. All you have to do is sit back and breathe normally and relax. Once the procedure is over, you will be able to get on with your day with no after-effects.

Some people experience a more intense level of anxiety, and if this is the case, we can help you with a calming medication that you take before arriving at our office. When combined with nitrous oxide, this is a sedation method that will keep you calm enough to receive treatment.

Convenient, Easy Treatment

Getting the high-quality dental care you need should never be complicated. We have convenient extended hours, and if you have an emergency, we will do everything possible to see you the same day.

We are in-network providers for Delta Premier and a number of other insurance plans, but we will gladly file with any out-of-network plan. We offer convenient financing through CareCredit and accept all major credit cards.

If you think you need a tooth extracted or have been putting off treatment because of anxiety or fear, please contact our Indianapolis dental office. We will be happy to arrange a consultation to discuss your needs and help you get the care you need to preserve your oral health. We also offer second opinions!