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Are custom athletic mouthguards better than generic?

Mouth Protections in IndianapolisIt’s easy to underestimate the protection an athletic mouthguard provides until you take an elbow to the jaw during a pick-up basketball game! Estimates indicate that nearly 40 percent of all dental injuries are sports-related, with 5 million teeth avulsed (knocked out) during these activities. Unfortunately, compliance is a problem, and even in sports like football where wearing protective gear is mandated, only about two-thirds of athletes wear their mouth guard.

Providing Protection for Your Smile

As far as which provides the most protection, an over-the-counter mouthguard is better than no nightguard at all. And while both are made of plastic, generic mouthguards are made of a thinner material that’s suitable for a wide range of people. They are fitted by boiling them until they’re soft and pliable and then biting down on them, hence the term “boil and bite” mouthguards.

Custom athletic mouthguards at our Indianapolis dental office are made of strong, heavy material and are fitted by taking impressions of your teeth. Not only are they more durable, but they are designed to fit comfortably, which eliminates a lot of the compliance problems with generic mouthguards.

Custom Athletic Mouthguards in Indianapolis

At German Church Road Dentistry, we offer all the services you need to maintain excellent oral health, including custom athletic mouthguards. Please call us so we can provide the full protection your smile needs. 

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