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3 Reasons Why Professional Teeth Whitening Outperforms OTC Options

June 11, 2018
Posted By: German Church Road Family Dentistry
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Teeth whitening is a million-dollar business, and, if you have any doubts, take a stroll down the oral care aisle at your supermarket. You’ll see a vast array of products that claim to whiten your teeth, so choosing one can be overwhelming.

How do you decide which is right for your needs? And are over-the-counter whitening products even a good idea? It’s not that they won’t produce results, but you can spend a lot of time and money and still not see the level of whitening that will give you a “Hollywood smile.”

Let’s take a look at three reasons you should consider professional teeth whitening in Indianapolis to achieve the results you want:


The concentration of whitening agent (carbamide peroxide) in OTC brands is a fraction of that in gels supplied by your dentist. The reason is that a less powerful gel can safely be used by the widest range of people.

Because professional teeth whitening is supervised by a dentist, the concentration of the whitening agent in these products is much higher and produces faster, more dramatic results.

Safety and Comfort

The chief complaint among those who use store-bought whitening products is sensitivity because gums are not properly protected from the chemicals.

But part of the whitening process at your dentist’s office is the protection of your gums before we start treatment. Even if you opt for professional take-home whitening with trays, your gums will be better protected than with a generic OTC tray. A customized tray is made using impressions of your teeth to ensure that the whitening gel stays against your teeth, not your gums.

Stunning Results

The best news with professional whitening treatments is that you can achieve stunning results in as little as an hour at your dentist’s office. Or, you can choose the convenience of a customized take-home whitening kit that will produce the dazzling smile you’re looking for in as little as two weeks of daily use.

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If you want a brighter smile, you owe it to yourself to call us to learn more about professional teeth whitening in Indianapolis. We offer both in-office and take-home treatments and will be happy to get you started on your way to a smile you want to show off.

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