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Want to Get Ahead in Your Career? Visit Your Dentist

December 30, 2017
Posted By: German Church Road Family Dentistry
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You know the job market is competitive, but you have all the career skills and experience needed. So why were you passed over for a promotion again?

The answer may be as simple as your smile. Positive first impressions are crucial when you are interviewing for a new position. But if you don’t like the appearance of your smile, it’s hard to present yourself as a happy, confident person. A beautiful, healthy smile helps you relax so all your other impressive qualities can show through.

Do These Problems Hold You Back?

If you’re wondering if your smile is holding you back, here are a few dental problems to look for:

  • Stained or discolored teeth: If you smoke or regularly indulge in food or drinks like coffee and red wine, your teeth will stain, and your smile will suffer. A quick lunchtime whitening with your dentist removes stains and can brighten your smile by about eight shades.
  • Crooked or crowded teeth: Many adults choose to live with these problems because they don’t have time for complicated, drawn-out treatment. But short-term orthodontic options like clear aligners can quickly straighten your smile, and no one has to know you’re having treatment!
  • Bad breath: Occasional bad breath is common, but if you brush and use mouthwash and still smell a foul odor, there could be a bigger problem brewing. Chronic bad breath indicates that you might have gum disease, but this can often be corrected with a thorough professional dental cleaning.

Schedule Your Checkup With Our Indianapolis Office!

These are just a few of the conditions that may make you feel self-conscious. But your 46229 dentist can correct just about any problem you are dealing with and get your oral health and your confident smile back on track. Please call German Church Road Family Dentistry to arrange an exam and cleaning today!

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