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Your Dental Appointment Is an Opportunity! How to Make the Most of It

March 27, 2018
Posted By: German Church Road Family Dentistry
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Do you visit your dentist twice a year as recommended? These preventive visits are essential for optimal oral health and include exams by your dentist and a thorough dental cleaning by a skilled hygienist.

During your appointments is a perfect time to ask questions or talk about your dental concerns. There are many aspects of good oral health that go beyond a problem-free smile, and your dental team does not expect you to be an expert in all of them.

If you want to make the most of these appointments, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Share Your Concerns

It's important to open up and share your concerns with your dentist or hygienist. Knowing what's on your mind gives them a framework on which to build a personalized plan for treatment that takes all your needs into account. 

Ask Questions

Don't be shy about asking questions whenever something is unclear or doesn't make sense to you. You have a right to ask your dentist any oral-health-related questions that are on your mind. When you do, you are actually helping your dental team understand what your needs are.

Get Advice

Everyone's dental needs changes as they age. The way you managed your oral health a few years ago may no longer be appropriate for your current needs. Do you need guidance on correct oral hygiene habits? Are you a senior with an ongoing condition like cancer or diabetes that impacts your oral health? Dental professionals are highly educated and trained to provide advice so you can get the most out of your oral health habits.

Your Cumberland Dentist is Here to Help!

If you are seeking the best dentist in the 46229 area to help you with your oral health needs, you need to look no further than Dr. Dane Uhl. Dr. Uhl and the team at German Church Road Family Dentistry would love to welcome you and provide all the guidance you need to enjoy excellent oral health. 

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