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The Consequences of Dental Anxiety

August 30, 2017
Posted By: German Church Road Family Dentistry
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Do you avoid dental visits because of anxiety? Or do you make appointments only to cancel them the day before? 

This is far more typical than you might imagine! Millions of people suffer from anxiety and risk their oral health because dental care seems so intimidating.

Anxiety-Free Dental Care

The good news is that dentists today are far more sensitive and understanding about your dental anxiety. People experience dental anxiety for different reasons, but the result is always the same – poor oral health and increased expense. Our goal is to ensure that you feel comfortable enough that you never have to miss an appointment again!

The Consequences of Dental Anxiety

If you are an anxious patient, it isn't just your oral health that suffers. You know enough to understand that you should be following through with appointments, so neglecting your teeth probably makes you feel embarrassed and a little ashamed. 

You may try to rationalize that no apparent problem means things are okay. But you know this isn’t the case! When you’re with a group of friends who have strong, beautiful teeth, your confidence dwindles because you know yours aren’t as healthy as they should be.

Our Indianapolis Dental Office Can Help!

All of these reactions are understandable, but you don’t have to let fear ruin your life and your long-term oral health. At German Church Road Dentistry, we encourage you to open up to us about your feelings because we have ways to help. And we won’t ever lecture or judge you because our only goal is to get your smile healthy and show you the benefits of keeping it that way!

If you live in Cumberland, IN and are searching for a dentist who can address your anxiety and get your oral health back on track, please call our office! An attentive, supportive team and our comforting sedation options may be all you need to change the way you feel about your dentistry!

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