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Want a Major Confidence Boost? 4 Reasons to Consider Veneers!

August 17, 2018
Posted By: German Church Road Family Dentistry
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Have you ever wondered why you tend to smile more often around little kids?

Studies conducted at Uppsala University in Sweden confirm that smiling is indeed contagious and that we’re driven to smile when others around us are grinning. This is the case even around strangers to whom we have no connection.

But if you feel self-conscious about the appearance of your teeth, you’re likely to suppress your smile. And just as people perceive you to be confident when you flash a big grin, they will likely see you as being unhappy or unfriendly when you don’t.

Porcelain Veneers Can Help

There are lots of options in cosmetic dentistry that will help you love your smile again. Porcelain veneers, in particular, are a great option because they hide a multitude of flaws and look beautifully natural.

Veneers are tooth-shaped shells that are bonded to the front surface of your teeth, which makes them ideal for concealing certain cosmetic flaws. Here are four excellent reasons to consider veneers for your makeover:

  • Your teeth are chipped, unevenly spaced, or severely discolored and cannot be whitened with professional treatment.
  • You want to improve the appearance of one or several teeth.
  • You want a restoration that will give you years of use; veneers can last up to ten years with proper care.
  • You’re looking for the most realistic, effective way to achieve a beautiful, natural-looking smile.

The process for placing veneers is not complicated. Your teeth will be prepared by removing a thin layer of dental enamel to allow the veneer to fit naturally along your gum line. Impressions will be taken and sent to a custom lab where your customized veneers are prepared. When they’re ready, you’ll return to your dentist’s office to have them refined and cemented in place.

Veneers with Your Indianapolis Dentist

If you are interested in learning more about porcelain veneers in Cumberland, please call German Church Road Dentistry. Dr. Dane Uhl is passionate about creating healthy, beautiful smiles and looks forward to helping you achieve your goals.

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