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How to Keep Your Bridge or Crown in Excellent Condition

August 16, 2018
Posted By: German Church Road Family Dentistry
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If you have recently had a new crown or bridge placed, you’re probably happy that the process is over and you once again have a healthy, confident smile.

Today, porcelain and ceramic restorations are not only natural-looking but extremely durable. They are also relatively maintenance-free, but there are some rules you need to follow to keep them in the best possible excellent condition.

Avoid Chewy or Crunchy Foods

Porcelain crowns and bridges in Indianapolis are prized for their natural appearance and durability. However, just like dental enamel, they’re not indestructible.

Sticky or chewy foods like caramels or taffy can pull at the restoration and loosen it. Foods like nuts or crunchy chips can chip or break a crown, and popcorn kernels can get wedged between your teeth and damage your crown. Limit these foods, or in the case of candy, stop eating them altogether because they’re loaded with sugar.

Practice Proper Oral Hygiene

Even though the crown or bridge itself can’t get a cavity, your gums and the natural tooth below it are still at risk if you don’t brush and floss thoroughly. If you haven’t established a system for brushing and flossing, you should start today. You need to brush for at least two minutes, and you can do your top teeth first, then the bottom, or you can clean your mouth in quadrants.

Once you find a system that comes naturally to you, follow the same routine every time you brush. It will soon become a habit that you can do without a lot of thought.

Visit Your Cumberland Dentist Every Six Months

Not only will your dentist check the health of the underlying natural teeth, but they will also test the crown to ensure that it’s stable and intact. Having a dental crown come off in your dentist’s hands is far better than losing it while you’re on your family vacation.

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