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Why It’s Crucial to Replace Missing Teeth

If you are missing just a couple of teeth, you might think it’s not a big deal—particularly if they are in the back of your mouth where they are not all that noticeable to others. But many people do not realize that missing even one tooth puts the rest of your healthy teeth at risk.

We recommend dental bridges to patients of our Indianapolis, IN dental office who are missing teeth, as well as other options. Give Dr. Dane Uhl a call today and find out if you are a good candidate for dental bridges.

The Problem with Missing Teeth

When people are missing a couple of teeth, they still have plenty of ...

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How to Keep Your Bridge or Crown in Excellent Condition

Woman Smiling | Dental Bridges in Cumberland

If you have recently had a new crown or bridge placed, you’re probably happy that the process is over and you once again have a healthy, confident smile.

Today, porcelain and ceramic restorations are not only natural-looking but extremely durable. They are also relatively maintenance-free, but there are some rules you need to follow to keep them in the best possible excellent condition.

Avoid Chewy or Crunchy Foods

Porcelain crowns and bridges in Indianapolis are prized for their natural appearance and durability. However, just like dental enamel, they’re not indestructible.

Sticky or chewy foods like caramels or taffy can pull at the restoration and loosen it. Foods like nuts or crunchy chips ...

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