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Your Dental Appointment Is an Opportunity! How to Make the Most of It

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Do you visit your dentist twice a year as recommended? These preventive visits are essential for optimal oral health and include exams by your dentist and a thorough dental cleaning by a skilled hygienist.During your appointments is a perfect time to ask questions or talk about your dental concerns. There are many aspects of good oral health that go beyond a problem-free smile, and your dental team does not expect you to be an expert in all of them.If you want to make the most of these appointments, here are a few things to keep in mind:Share Your ConcernsIt's important to open up and share your concerns with your dentist ...

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Do You Need More Than 2 Checkups a Year? In Some Cases, Yes

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Decades ago, health and dental organizations decided that a guideline needed to be established regarding the frequency of dental visits. The result was based on a “best guess” estimate of what would be appropriate for the broadest range of dental patients.How Many Checkups Do I Need?We should start by saying that everyone needs to see the dentist because even if you’re an oral hygiene superstar, you can’t get your teeth completely clean with brushing and flossing alone. And while semi-annual dental checkups are a good rule of thumb, the frequency of visits should be based on your personal oral health needs.Your dentist and oral hygiene team will evaluate your needs and ...

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Are You Reducing Your Sugar Intake? So Are Many Others Says a New Study

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Americans are decreasing the number of sugary drinks they consume according to a recent study published by Harvard University. The reason for this, explored within the study, is recent information regarding obesity and the over-consumption of calories by Americans overall.This is also good news for your oral health.Sugar and Tooth DecayFor generations, we have heard about the relationship between sugary foods and the instances of tooth decay. Sugar is added to some foods you might never suspect:Salad dressingBarbecue sauceKetchupBreadDips and soupThe king of sugar remains soft drinks, energy drinks, and soda, so recent news of the gradual decline is excellent news for your dentist in the 46229 area of Indianapolis ...

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Want to Get Ahead in Your Career? Visit Your Dentist

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You know the job market is competitive, but you have all the career skills and experience needed. So why were you passed over for a promotion again?The answer may be as simple as your smile. Positive first impressions are crucial when you are interviewing for a new position. But if you don’t like the appearance of your smile, it’s hard to present yourself as a happy, confident person. A beautiful, healthy smile helps you relax so all your other impressive qualities can show through.Do These Problems Hold You Back?If you’re wondering if your smile is holding you back, here are a few dental problems to look for:Stained or discolored teeth: ...

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How Your Dentist Fits into Your Family's Health Care

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You trust your dentist to help you manage your family’s oral health needs, but you may not think of them in regards to your general health.Let’s take a look at how modern dental diagnostics can help in detecting certain health problems.Your Dentist’s RoleThe truth is that while dentists may not be general practitioners, they are doctors who can have a positive impact on their patient’s overall health.In recent years, dental technology has advanced rapidly. Technology, combined with an improved understanding of the relationship between dental and oral health, gives your dentist the ability to detect a number of health problems.Using Dental TechnologyDigital radiography (x-rays) and CAD/CAM technology, in particular, have ...

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No More Mints! Let's Get Rid of Your Bad Breath for Good

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We have all had that moment in a social situation when you sense that your breath may not be quite as pleasant as you think. You discreetly do the blow-in-your-hand-and-smell test, and sure enough, you have dragon breath.What does it mean to have bad breath?Occasional bad breath, or halitosis, is common and can occur because of the foods we eat, whether or not we smoke, and even the acid in our stomach. This type of bad breath is short-term, and usually a good brushing and flossing can resolve it.But if you find that you routinely have bad breath, you may need to change up your oral hygiene routine a bit. ...

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Avoid These Common Flossing Mistakes!

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Unless you are flossing daily, your teeth are not as clean as they should be. Brushing twice a day is essential, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that it alone can do the whole job!Brushing + Flossing = A Healthy SmileWe know that you have heard a thousand times, but brushing AND flossing, combined with routine dental visits, are the only way to ensure your smile is clean and healthy.If you are flossing, we applaud your efforts to protect your oral health. But despite your good intentions, you may be making a few common mistakes. Flossing is obviously most effective when done properly, so you want to ensure you ...

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